What Does Conveyancing Mean?

Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of a house between buyer and seller. It is the term in a law firm that specializes in property.

Conveyancing ensures that after you received your keys to your new home, you are not met with any surprises or issues long term.

The main stages to be aware that the transaction will proceed and the day of completion when the transaction has completed’ and buyer is handed over the keys to their new property.

What Does The Conveyancer Do?

The conveyancer will ensure that their client is meeting all legal obligations and their rights are being protected in the property transaction by assisting in legal matter, financial agreements and regulations the client will need to comply with.

When Should You Get A Conveyancer?

Once you have agreed an offer on your house, we recommend you get a conveyancer or a solicitor to handle legal aspects of transferring ownership to you.

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