What Do Conveyancing Searches Cover?

Searches typically consist of us looking into the property in which you are looking to purchase, we will search on the local area and land and carry out a variety of ‘searches’ with local authority and other parties.

There are a few searches that will be conducted by your solicitor/conveyancer when investing in a property, these are the standard searches executed:

  • Local authority searches.
  • Land Registry searches.
  • Environmental searches.
  • Water authority searches.
  • Location specific searches.
  • Chancel repair search.

We will advise you of any other appropriate searches required based on region in which your property is in.

What do local searches reveal?

Local searches reveal information on your property you are purchasing. Furthermore, they look for any development plans that could result in affecting the property you are hoping to purchase.

How long do conveyancing searches take?

Conveyancing searches will be undertaken at the beginning of the process. They will roughly take 3/8 weeks to complete and it could possibly extend to at least 6 weeks depending on the local area and what is required for local authority.

Once searches are completed, a conveyancer will be required to examine the details of each search and produce a detailed report.

How long does it take to exchange contracts after searches?

The time between exchange and searches will take up to 1 to 3 weeks, this is all dependent on the circumstances and how the search goes.

How much do searches cost?

Local searches with a solicitor or licenced conveyancer will cost on average £250-£400 to assess local plans or problems.

Additional fees will vary. Therefore, we recommend you consult your local authority.

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