BigHand Installation for Remote Users

Note that these instructions are for secretaries. If you are a fee earner wishing to dictate, please contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance with installing and configuring BigHand Go on your smartphone. 


BigHand Transcription is only supported on Windows-based computers therefore we are unable to support Mac and Chromebooks etc.


  • These instructions must be followed on your home computer (i.e. before signing into the RDS system). If you are already signed in to the RDS then, sign out of RDS (click Start > Keebles Picture > Sign out)
  • Plug in your foot pedals
  • Download and Save the InstallBigHandPlugin – Do not Open or Run it. (Note: this only needs to be done once)
  • If your browser blocks the download you will see a prompt at the bottom of your browser where you will need to click on the “…” and select Keep (screenshot below)
    • Block message
  • Again if your browser blocks the download, you will then get another prompt to confirm that you really want to download the file. Click on the Show more and then Keep anyway (screenshots below).
    • Keep Confirmation prompt Keep Confirmation second prompt
  • After you have successfully downloaded the file, go to the folder where you saved it. Right-click on the download and select Properties (screenshot below).
    • Screenshot of Properties option
  • At the bottom, tick Unblock and then click OK (screenshot below).
  • Note that if you Open or Run the file from your browser, or download it but do not unblock it, you will get a SmartScreen prompt. Click Don’t run and go back to the previous steps (screenshot below).
    • Do not run prompt
  • At the User Account Control box, click Yes (screenshot below).
    • Account Control prompt
  • A blue window with white text will appear and the software to allow your pedals to work on the RDS system will be installed.
    • Installation window
  • The blue window will close itself when finished.
  • You can now delete the download as you will not need it again
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