What is an EPC Certificate and why do I need one?

The EPC will disclose the properties ‘EPC rating’. This rating is determined on a sliding scale using letters to indicate the bands. These letters range from A to G,  A being the most efficient and G being the least energy efficient. The certificate itself will also detail suggestions as to how the energy efficiency can be improved, however the property owner is not obliged to comply with these suggestions.

Energy Performance Certificates become of importance when a property is put on the market to be sold or let out. These requirements include the following:

  • A valid EPC must be obtained before marketing the property.
  • The EPC must be included within the properties marketing profile.
  • To produce the EPC to potential buyers/tenants of the property.

This initiative was introduced by the government who hoped that this would try and encourage people to make ‘greener’ decisions when purchasing a property.

EPC’s with a low energy efficiency rating of F and G can cause real issues for landlords wishing to rent or continue renting their properties as Legislation implemented in 2015 holds the power of limiting the residential and commercial leasing of properties with these low ratings. In instances where tenants request to make energy performance-based alterations, the landlord must comply and holds no power to reject such requests.

It is vital to ensure that an EPC is issued as the government hold powers to impose penalty charges of £200 where there is an absence.

Energy Performance Certificates can be obtained for free using the online EPC Register at www.EPCregister.com

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