What Conveyancing Searches Do I Need When Buying a Property?

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What Conveyancing Searches Do I Need When Buying a Property?

Buying a property can seem like a daunting prospect and for many people it is their first and only time having to deal with solicitors. Whilst getting to grips with all the different aspects of the purchase process, below are some of the searches that your solicitors might refer you to.

What are Conveyancing Searches?

When talking about searches, we are referring to different kinds of checks we carry out on the property you are looking to buy. These searches will help identify problem areas relating to the property in order that you can make an advised decision on whether to purchase the property or not. Likewise, your mortgage lender requires solicitors to look after their best interests, and the conveyancing searches help us do that. It should be noted that these searches are NOT the same as a survey on the property and you still need to consider what level of property survey you require.

Local Authority Search

A Local Authority search (normally referred to as a Local search) is a check with the local Council to see what is registered there against the property. This includes areas such as planning permission applications, building regulations certificates and checking whether the road is adopted by the Council (meaning they will pay to repair it and that there are general public rights of way over the road).

Water and Drainage Search

The Water and Drainage search confirms whether the property is connected to the local sewer and water network. If the property is not connected, you would need to ensure there were adequate arrangements to deal with this.

Coal Search

In areas of past mining, this search aims to identify any issues in relation past or present mining activity, such as expected ground movement or location of shafts.

Environmental Search

Primarily, this is a search of past and present industrial activity in the vicinity of the property. This search also looks at flooding risks (but not in great detail) and other environmental factors that might affect the property.

Flood Search

A more in-depth search relating to potential risks to the property posed by flooding in the area.

Tin Search

In certain parts of the country it is sometimes necessary to check for issues relating to tin mining activities.

Here at Keebles we are always happy to chat over the most appropriate searches for your particular property. You can get a free, no obligation online conveyancing quote on our website, or email your query to conveyancingquotes@keebles.com

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