Were you silent? Or were you silenced? – Domestic Abuse

Although the interview did not allude to issues surrounding Domestic Abuse within their royal family, many families that live amongst us are not so fortunate.

The term Domestic Abuse is not only confined to acts of physical violence.

In fact, in a family law context Domestic Abuse itself is understood in many forms such as:

  1. Controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour.
  2. Violence or abuse, including but not limited to:
  3. a) psychological;
  4. b) physical;
  5. c) sexual;
  6. d) financial; and
  7. e) It also captures culturally specific types of abuse relating to, forced marriage, honour-based violence, dowry-related abuse and transnational marriage abandonment.

Historically, the term Domestic Violence was widely used but in 2011 a consultation was launched by the Government which resulted in the changing of the definition and the term Domestic Abuse was substituted across Governmental agencies to include the many different form that abuse can take.

If you or someone you know may be suffering with Domestic Abuse please feel free to contact our Family Law department on  0114 276 5555   for advice and support on how to protect you and others from harm.

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