The Sheffield Shoebox Appeal 2020

Over the festive period, Keebles helped support the annual Sheffield Shoebox Appeal.

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The Sheffield Shoebox Appeal 2020

The Shoebox Appeal collects as many shoeboxes filled with Christmas goodies and essentials as possible for different charities within the area. These charities range from homeless charities, elderly care homes, mental health organisations, emergency accommodation for young people and domestic and sexual abuse charities. The work they do and the effort they put in is incredible.

As you know, the past year has been extremely difficult and challenging due to Coronavirus, so the need for this Appeal was more vital than any other year. However, if this year has taught us anything, it is to help those in need and for us all to work together.

The Sheffield Shoebox Appeal managed to contribute shoeboxes to 2,685 individuals which were split between 40 different charities within Sheffield! Although this is not as many shoeboxes as previous years, it is still an amazing achievement given the current situation that we are all in.

We just want to say a massive thank you to all those that took part in the Appeal and donated a Shoebox! Please note that Keebles will be taking part in the Shoebox Appeal again this year and donations will start from late October so please keep your eyes peeled on our website for more information.

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