Studying whilst in Lockdown

Legal studies are notoriously hard. Whether you’ve just started your first year of your Law Degree or have began to embark on the GDL or LPC there is no argument that you will encounter some form of challenge over the coming months.

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Studying whilst in Lockdown

The impact that Covid-19 has had and will continue to have on Legal students is very much present, and this now stands as an additional hurdle to those already stressful and challenging times.

In light of this I thought I’d share my own personal tips and strategies for ensuring you remain focused and are able secure the grades you truly deserve.

Keep the end goal in site.

The journey to becoming a qualified lawyer is long touch and competitive. Keep the goal in sight and always remember the reason you are studying. Whether this be creating a mood board of firms you envisage working for or putting a dream graduation dress or suit in your wish list online. These are all positive affirmations and that will help you keep your goal in sight and allow you to remain focused.

Make a timetable.

The reality of lock down is that all days begin to merge into one. Set yourself clear focused tasks to achieve in realistic time frames. If you are unable to get to university to study, make a list of tasks which you would have wanted to achieve. During my lockdown studies I had a 6 day time table from 9-5 with an hour for lunch, this allowed me to remain focused and complete my work as if I would have done in the library.

Maintain a work life balance.

At Keebles one of our priorities is ensuring out staff have a healthy work life balance. This too is also very important whilst studying. Remember to take yourself away from your studies to have a break, take a walk, watch an episode of your favourite TV programme or just remove yourself from your workstation. Sometimes taking as little as 20 minutes out can completely refresh our minds and set us up for another great few hours of study.

Maintain organised to prevent becoming overwhelmed.

The sheer mass of the workload in legal studies can become overwhelming. Make sure you are equipped with the right tools to stay organised. Keep your files organised in a way which works for you, whether this be tabbing pages, filing in alphabetical order, or printing and annotating legal research. These are all transferable skills which will be used in practice.

Don’t fall out of touch with current awareness and work experience.

Whilst it may seem although work gaining work experience is a distant memory, there is still hundreds of opportunities out there to keep you up to date with current affairs and make you stand out! Research online webinars, firms which are still offering experience (whether this be virtual),and remember to remain present on forms such as Linkedin, these are pivotal networking tools.

Finally, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘these are unprecedented times’ being thrown around throughout 2020, but in truth they really are. No student has had to overcome the obstacles which you are facing now, so remain positive, set goals and remember to reward yourself for all your hard work, you’ve got this.

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