Keebles HR Network – Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

At our latest HR Network on 17th October 2019, we were joined by Guest Speakers Leone Starr and Diana Luke from The Wellness Team.

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Keebles HR Network – Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

Our latest HR Network was on 17th October 2019. We were joined by Guest Speakers Leone Starr and Diana Luke from The Wellness Team.

The Wellness Team provide workshops, seminars and training for companies. They are designed to help their staff take control of their own health and encourage them to become better employees.

Every day Leone and her team work with a wide range of companies. Educating and empowering their staff to stay healthy physically and mentally. The statistics below show the impact mental health is having in the workplace and on the economy and, by extension, just how important the work of The Wellness team is:

  • Within the course of a year, 1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental health problem.
  • Mental ill-health causes a loss of 70 million working days a year. Of which 1 in 7 are directly caused by working conditions.
  • The total cost of mental health conditions to employers is estimated at roughly £1,400 per employee. Which comes to a total of £34.9 billion every year.
  • The total cost to the economy is around £104 billion a year.

At the event Leone and Diana answered a lot of questions regarding mental ill-health but we wanted to use this bulletin to share their views on two of the questions we are asked most often by employers:

What can I do to if I think a member of staff is suffering with mental ill-health?
  • Ask employees open ended questions to try and find out whether it is an ongoing issue, or something that can be easily resolved;
  • Find out from them whether this is a work-related issue or something unrelated such as home life;
  • Confirm if they are aware of the different types of support they can access, e.g. advice on legal and financial issues or counselling.
What else can effect an employee’s mental health and wellbeing?
  • Nutrition has a key impact on our wellbeing and so it is important to consider things such as:
  • Drinking the right amount of water throughout the day
  •  The types and quality of the food you eat
  • Minimise any stimulants (coffee, sugar and tea)
  • Think about when you eat, it is important to maintain a good blood sugar level and avoid low energy

You can find out more about The Wellness Team and the variety of workshops they offer including life laundry, company assessments, cookery classes and rest coaching, via their website.

Or if you would like to come along to our next HR Network or discuss any of the legal issues mental health can raise, please contact our employment team at or on 0114 290 6286 .

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