Coronavirus: NEW – An Important Update from Keebles LLP

We are struggling to think of another time like the last week and certainly our firm has never before faced the challenges we have had to deal with in such a time-frame.  We know that we are not alone in this and that every one of our clients is having to deal with an unprecedented situation.  Having said that, we are really proud of the way in which our staff have responded to those challenges.  Our IT team have worked around the clock to put solutions in place so that any member of our team who can work remotely will be able to do so and we can provide all the functions you would expect of us as a law firm.

For now our offices remain open although we do not know whether and for how long we will be able to maintain that and we will always ensure that the health and welfare of our staff will be our priority.  In the meantime and as we have said previously we will be able and are fully committed to continuing to meet your legal needs even if this means we adopt different and for some of us novel means of communicating with you. At the same time we also acknowledge our responsibility to ensure we as individuals do all we can to minimise the further spread of Covid-19 and so we are now operating remotely wherever possible and intend to continue in this manner for the foreseeable future.

In the first instance if you need any advice from us, please either email or call your usual contact.  If you experience any difficulty in reaching them, please get in touch with us on 0114 276 5555  or email to be put in touch with the relevant department.

We shall be providing regular updates to all our client on the issues which we see arising.  So far as we have seen clients asking us for advice on the following topics:

Supply chain and contractual rights/risks, including:
Commercial Property
Legal Compliance

 Please visit our dedicated pages for further details: Click here

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