Coronavirus: DIY Wills Are Swallowing Up Families Inheritance

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Coronavirus: DIY Wills Are Swallowing Up Families Inheritance

Although they may be attractive given they’re a much cheaper option, the truth is DIY Wills will almost certainly cost your loved ones dearly in the long run.

Choosing cheap online Wills or DIY Will packs is likely to lead to your final wishes being ignored and your estate being swallowed up by expensive legal bills.

Experts have warned that the DIY Wills are riddled with risk … so don’t take that risk!

It costs as little as £150 for one of our experienced solicitors to draft a bespoke Will for you, a professionally drafted, legally binding document that will ensure your assets are dealt with exactly as you want them to be after your death.

Moreover, as more and more people attempt to write their own Wills, the number of Wills being challenged is also on the rise (by up to 60% according to recent High Court figures). These disputes force an increasing number of grieving relatives into acrimonious court battles that will ultimately do little more than eat through the bulk of their inheritance.

This is simply because without a solicitor the ambiguous wording in a DIY Will can be misinterpreted or, worse still, could fail the basic legality requirements which will render your Will invalid.

This is why If you want to ensure your loved ones are protected, you need to make sure they have the safety net only a correctly drafted legal Will can deliver.

If you would like to make sure you have a valid Will in place, please call Eilidh Jordan on 0114 290 6206 or email Eilidh on

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