Conveyancing countdown to Christmas.

We have many people pushing to complete (move-in) before Christmas. If you are looking to complete before Christmas, there are some key facts to bear in mind: –

Holidays – not all solicitor firms open over the Christmas period, some may fully shut between Christmas and the New Year and others may close earlier for Christmas. It is important to ensure all parties in the chain are open and able to complete.

Work – are you yourself able to have holiday days approved by your employer to move house. Some work sectors are not able to take holiday days during the festive period due to high demand.

Removals – can you find a removal company for the date you want. Removal companies are especially busy and costly at this time of year. Ensure you can book removals before agreeing to any completion dates. You do not want to be stuck with no removals on the day of completion.

Banks – do you need to attend the bank to transfer your deposit monies? If so, make sure the bank can facilitate this. Banks may have different open hours due to Christmas. You won’t be able to move house if your money is not available.

Legal work – speak to your conveyancer and ask them if it is realistic to complete before Christmas. A lot of the legal work undertaken isn’t seen. Call/email your conveyancer and see how long they estimate it to be before completion dates can be agreed, it is best to seek their advice before getting your hopes up.

Post – royal mail is also incredibly busy at this time of year and post can take longer to arrive/be delivered. If you need to post anything to your solicitor to enable completion to take place, bear in mind the potential postal delay – can you hand-deliver the documents instead or, can they be scanned in and emailed.

Stress – Christmas can already be a stressful time of year, shopping for the perfect gift, figuring out who to spend Christmas day with (if that is possible this year with Covid-19). Do you want the added stress of moving home, packing up your items, and unpacking them in the middle of the festive period.

Covid 19 – If you do agree to a completion date so that you can move before Christmas a delay may take place if someone in the chain tests positive for Covid 19 or has to isolate.

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