Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter

The recent events around the world including the death of George Floyd and others and the protests we have seen in our cities has reminded us once again that direct racism, prejudice and unconscious biases persist in our societies and drive division and misery. We recognise that these issues are not ones that only arise in other countries but are also present in our own communities.

What has been obvious to us is that whatever we may think about our own approach to issues of diversity and inclusion there is more for us all to do. The first and most important step in ensuring that we address these matters comprehensively is to listen and learn from our members of staff and our clients in terms of their experience of these issues and how they think they should be addressed.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion which are paramount for the well being of all our staff and for the long term success of the firm, the economy and our communities in an ever growing diverse society and we believe it is precisely that diversity which enriches those communities. We have a zero tolerance approach to any form of discrimination and are passionately committed to defending these values.

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