What if I die without a Will?

If you die without a Will you will be deemed to have died “intestate” and the Intestacy Rules will automatically apply. These strict rules set out the order in which your relatives are entitled to benefit from your estate.

This may mean that instead of the people you love and want to benefit being provided for after your death, your estate goes to relatives that you may not have intended to benefit. Potentially unmarried partners or children from previous marriages may not benefit under the rules of intestacy in the way that you would have wanted, which can ultimately lead to family disputes. You may lose the potential to take advantage of inheritance tax options.

Additionally if you die without a Will, your closest relatives will need to apply for Letters of Administration which will often mean there is a long delay before they are authorised to deal with your estate. Having a professionally drafted Will makes the process much simpler and economical for your grieving loved ones.

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