Reasons to make a Will

We are very aware that people do not like to dwell on the subject of our death, and making a Will and organising your personal legal affairs can seem like a daunting prospect. It is something that people continue to put off but do not delay it any longer, call our team today! With our professional yet down to earth and friendly approach, we ensure that our clients feel relaxed and at ease throughout the whole process.

Whatever the size of your estate, you should always leave a clear and legally binding statement of your wishes. Many people think that their assets will automatically go to their next of kin, unfortunately it is not always that simple.

A professionally drafted Will gives you control over what happens when you die and means that you can ensure so far as is possible that your wishes are met. We at Keebles can give you that ultimate peace of mind.

A Will can leave gifts to your loved ones, benefit your chosen charities or close friends, detail your funeral wishes, and, in some cases, provide for who will look after your children.

A Will can also prove useful for tax planning and ensure that your estate does not pay more tax than is necessary.

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