Business: Wills in the Workplace

Do you offer your employees free legal health checks?

While it’s something many of us try to put off, there is no getting away from the fact that having a Will is absolutely fundamental to safeguarding our families’ futures.

Aside from making sure your possessions and property are distributed amongst your family and friends exactly as you want them to be, there are also more practical issues to consider.

Having a Will helps reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your beneficiaries will have to pay on what you have left them, but more crucially, if you do not have a Will it will be the Court who decides who gets what. If that happens some of your loved ones may be prevented from ever receiving what you want them to and that could be particularly disastrous if your partner and/or children depend on you financially.

As part of our Wills in the Workplace initiative, Keebles LLP partners with employers to offer your employees free legal health checks to ensure your employees are fully equipped to protect their families, assets and properties in the future.

As part of this service, a specialist from Keebles LLP can offer a free one-to-one meeting with your employees, at one of their offices, at your office or at your employee’s home – if this is more convenient – to discuss ways to ensure their families, assets and property are looked after the way they want them to be.

Keebles LLP will remain on hand to answer any questions about Wills, Powers of Attorney and succession and tax planning and can offer a discount for your employees should they choose to proceed with any legal advice given.

If you would like more information about this free service, or you would like to discuss the next steps to implement this service into your business, please email or call Sophie on 01302 308687.


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