My relative died without a Will, what do I do next?

If someone has died without having made a Will, they are said to have died ‘intestate’.

Complex legal rules, known as the ‘intestacy rules’, will apply to determine:

  • who is entitled to administer the estate – known as the Administrator, and;
  • who is entitled to benefit from the estate assets – known as the Beneficiaries.

Once this has been determined, you will need to apply for a Letter of Administration from the Probate Registry. This is the Court’s confirmation of your appointment as an Administrator which gives you the legal right to deal with the deceased’s estate.

As the intestacy rules are complex in determining who can administer and benefit from the estate, you need to seek legal advice as soon as you become aware there is no Will. Our team of specialist probate solicitors will explain the whole process and meet with you to support you through this.

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