Compensation Guidelines

We have set out below some guideline calculations of the type and amount of settlement you may be awarded, depending on the injuries you have sustained.

The general damages awarded as personal injury compensation would cover pain, suffering and loss of amenity. By pain and suffering, we mean the problems you have suffered and the treatment received. The loss of amenity relates to effects on your life – such as hobbies, interest, career and home life – all part of the calculations for compensation.

As part of the personal injury settlement you are entitled to special damages, which are items of direct financial expenditure, which you have incurred as a result of the accident.

The examples we have used are not exact personal injury claims calculations of any award or settlement that may be made, but a benchmark for your guidance. We will give you specific advice based on your individual circumstances, in relation to the injury or injuries you have sustained, once an assessment is made.

In relation to the parts of the body the information is as follows:

Head and Sensors
Minor brain damage – £10,000 to £28,250
Total loss of taste and smell – in the region of £25,750
Broken nose – £1,125 to £2,600

Neck and Shoulders
Whiplash injuries – £875 to £6,550
Fractured clavicle – £3,400 to £8,000

Arm Injuries
Fracture of index finger – £6,000 to £8,000
Below elbow amputation – £63,000 to £72,000

Body and Back Injuries
Broken rib – £1,750 to £2,750
Serious back injury – £25,000 – £100,000

Leg and Knee Injuries
Simple fracture – up to £6,000
Serious knee injury – £45,750 to £63,000

Ankle and Feet
Broken ankle – £4,000 to £17,500
Fractured toe – £1,000 to £3,600

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