How Long Will The Conveyancing Process Take?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how long it takes to buy or sell a property. However, our experience is that a straightforward, freehold house purchase usually takes around 8 to 12 weeks, whilst a leasehold apartment takes around 10-14 weeks.

How quickly can conveyancing be done?

Technically, the purchase of a property can be done relatively quickly. However, there are a lot of people involved in the process and lots of checks etc that a buyers solicitors need to carry out. We will always try to give you a realistic timescale based on your particular circumstances, and get our clients moved as fast as we, and the others involved in the transaction can (if that is what our client wants – some clients are in no rush at all).

How long does conveyancing take after receipt of the mortgage offer?

Whilst important, receipt of the mortgage offer doesn’t generally affect the timescales for the conveyancing (as long as it arrives before you want to exchange contracts). However, if there are special conditions in the mortgage that your solicitors need to address then this has the potential to slow down the progress of your purchase.

How quickly can a house sale go through with no chain?

The smaller the number of people involved in a chain, the easier it should be, in theory, to get dates agreed for completion. If all things go smoothly then you would expect a transaction with no chain to be at the lower end of the “average” timescales.

Why does conveyancing take so long?

The actual technical transfer of a property from one person to another is relatively straightforward. However, it is the other parts of the process that take the time. The sellers of a property have to provide lots of information before the contract pack can be issued, and the buyers solicitors must make enquiries based on the information provided and also from information from the Local Authority, water company etc. In addition, most buyers have to get a mortgage offer issued during this time and the solicitors must also comply with any requirements of the lender.

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