10/06/2021 – Selling a business to an Employee Ownership Trust – Your Questions in Q&A

Time: 10:00am-10:45am

– What is an Employee Ownership Trust?
– How do Employee Ownership Trusts work?
– What are the tax benefits and potential pitfalls of an EOT?

We invite you to submit your questions in advance of this event. The most commonly asked questions will be pre-selected to be answered by our expert panellists.

Please send these questions to jo.grant@shorts.uk.com before the event.

Andy Ryder:
How to exit your business using an EOT; what it involves and how to establish whether it is the right model for you and your business.

David Robinson:
Answering questions covering the tax benefits for both the seller, employees and the business.

Paul Trudgill:
EOTs from a lawyer’s perspective – real-life examples of the legal issues involved.

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