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For decades our specialist Tech team have worked with IT providers, software developers, website designers, games and apps developers, graphic designers and media companies across Yorkshire and – increasingly – even further afield.

It’s our job to make sure all of our technology, digital and creative clients have all of the legal support they need to succeed.

However, we appreciate that there are new tech-focused businesses springing up every day and, as with our other clients in this dynamic and fast moving sector, achieving their full commercial potential will also be dependent on them having the right structure and making sure their ideas are fully protected from day one.

This is why we are proud to announce that we have joined Sheffield Digital as their legal partner.

Working alongside Sheffield Digital will give even more local creative and tech businesses easy access to our experience and industry insight and the opportunity to discuss the different legal issues that will arise as their business develops with a lawyer who genuinely understands the tech sector.

While this list will obviously vary from member to member depending on their products and the area in which they operate, the services we most often provide for our tech, digital and creative clients includes making sure:

• You have the best legal and funding structure for your business and growth strategy

• All the intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks and copyright) you need are fully protected and fully enforceable

• You have all of the commercial contracts and legal agreements your business needs in place

• You are fully compliant with the new data protection (GDPR) regulations

• All of the more specialist IT contracts your business needs are in place and up to date

• Your contracts of employment and HR processes are up to date and that you have someone on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your employees

• You have the answers to any questions you may have regarding leasing, buying or selling the property your business needs

• The specialist litigation experience you’ll need to resolve any disputes that may arise as your business and your customer base grows

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