Games and apps

Creating new games and apps requires a huge personal investment so you need to be sure that once yours hits the market, it has every chance of success and there are no potential chinks competitors could exploit for their own gain.

Our hugely experienced Tech team know how to protect both games and apps and the companies behind them.

With regards to games we can help you with:

  • NDAs/confidentiality agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Sub-contractor agreements
  • Intellectual property advice
  • Publishing agreements

When it comes to apps we can help with:

  • The general commercial contracts you will need
  • More specific app development agreements that clearly set out your development process and the responsibilities of/relationship with any app stores you enter into an agreement with
  • Setting out terms and conditions of use
  • OEM partner agreements involving the possible integration of your technology into other platforms
  • Intellectual property (most specifically industrial design) advice
  • Potential Data Protection and consent issues


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