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Sheffield and South Yorkshire have long and proud, internationally recognised histories as leading manufacturing centres.

Traditionally the region was inextricably linked to the production of cutlery, tools and agricultural implements, all forged from local iron and steel.

Before long South Yorkshire had grown into one of the industrial world’s main manufacturing hubs, sealing the international reputation of the legend ‘Made in Sheffield’.

Although the names and processes may have changed over the years, Sheffield and South Yorkshire are still as crucial as they always have been.

Today both are leading lights in the development of advanced manufacturing and home to world class companies in materials technology, aerospace, the creative and digital industries, food production and biomedical and healthcare technology.

As one of South Yorkshire’s leading independent law firms we have worked alongside South Yorkshire manufacturers of every size and of every type for decades.

The understanding we have built up over that time means we know exactly how to design and deliver practical, affordable legal solutions, ensuring you continue to operate efficiently and grow your manufacturing business in the way you want to.

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