How have we helped other care providers?

As we work with the owners and managers of care homes on a daily basis it would be difficult to list all of our experience within the care sector.

However, the following examples will give you an insight into some of the most recent work we have completed for our care home clients:

  • One client – a company that provides nationwide care for vulnerable adults – was looking to buy a development site for a brand new specialist care facility. We began by carrying out extensive due diligence to ensure the site was suitable for the client’s needs and that it wasn’t subject to any onerous third party rights. We then negotiated an initial contract that began the purchase process but protected our client from being forced to complete until satisfactory planning permission had been granted. By doing this we made sure our client would not be left with an expensive piece of land but no way of completing their new facility
  • We worked alongside a bank providing funding to the buyer of a care home business. Our primary job was to review and negotiate the documents underpinning the acquisition but, because of our extensive healthcare experience, we were also able to act as liaison between the bank, the buyer and the target business making sure the required funding and security arrangements had successfully been put in place and were ready to take effect upon the completion of the deal
  • During the complex sale of a company that ran five care homes we were responsible for coordinating all of the seller’s due diligence responses and then negotiating the key transaction documents, a suite that included a highly specialist share purchase agreement and disclosure letter
  • We continue to act for a growing number of GP practices looking to put new partnership agreements in place. Because of the particular demands of a GPs’ partnership, this is not always straightforward. Specific attention is required for apportioning the practice’s profits and losses between the partners along with ownership of the practice’s premises and the procedure to follow should a partner leave the practice
  • When a large national group of care homes found themselves facing a growing number of disputes with local authority funders over residents’ payments, we helped them determine their actual contractual and commercial position so we could pursue the local authorities to recover the outstanding fees. Having made contact we were then able to negotiate favourable commercial settlements for each of the disputes without damaging the vital ongoing working relationship the care home owners enjoyed with those local authorities


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