Care Homes

As a care home owner or manager, you need lawyers who truly understand the care sector

The likely impact of the UK’s ageing population is hard to predict, but there can be little doubt that it continues to place ever greater demands on care, nursing and residential homes operating in the healthcare sector.

When you add to that the fact that increased central and local government focus on health and social care services has placed further financial and regulatory pressures on businesses operating in the care sector, it is easy to recognise that if you are responsible for running a care facility, you will need help to ensure that you provide the standard of care your residents and their families demand, whilst also staying on top of an increasingly complicated trading and regulatory environment.

At Keebles, our specialist healthcare team has supported every facet of businesses operating in the care sector for decades, and with the understanding that we have built up over that time, we are able to deliver practical and commercially focused legal advice that will help you to grow your business and continue to operate efficiently.

Whether you need advice on:

  • The operation or structure of your care business
  • The management of your staff
  • Buying, selling or leasing the property you need to provide your clients with the care they need
  • How best to resolve a dispute or recoup any outstanding care fees

Our healthcare specialists are here to help.

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