Every healthcare professional needs a healthcare professional to help them.

Keebles healthcare team have all of the specialist legal expertise every GP, dentist, pharmacist, optician and care home needs to succeed.

With both a growing and increasingly aged population, the enormous role the healthcare industry is set to play in our lives cannot be underestimated.

However, whether you are a GP, a dentist, a pharmacist, an optician or the owner or manager of a care home, you also need to make sure your practice and/or business is in the best possible health so you can consistently deliver the best possible service when it comes to providing specialist care your clients need from you.

Our dedicated healthcare team – who between them have decades of experience within every facet of the healthcare market – are here to make sure you receive all of the legal support you need.

Whether you need help:

  • Buying or selling a business or a practice
  • Forming or reviewing your partnership or structure
  • Buying, selling or leasing the property your business or practice needs
  • Managing your full- or part-time staff
  • Settling a dispute or an outstanding debt

Our healthcare specialists are here to help.

If you own, operate or manage care homes or more specialist care facility please see how our experienced team could help you grow your business.

If you are a GP, a dentist, a pharmacist or an optician please see how we could support you as you take your practice to the next stage.

Read our case studies of how we helped other practices.


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