Brexit and the Manufacturing Industry

With South Yorkshire being internationally recognised as a leading manufacturing hub, Keebles has the geographical advantage of being based in the centre of the developments.

We have worked alongside South Yorkshire manufacturers of every size and of every type for decades. From this experience, we have gained an invaluable understanding and insight into your business and the industry in which you operate.

As the landscape adapts, we are well equipped to help you adapt with it.

One of the main uncertainties which Brexit presents for manufacturers are the indeterminate changes to our current import and export agreements. As this is reliant on the nature of the final deal, you need to ensure your operations remain efficient and effective amidst the uncertainty. We can assist you with creating vital continuity plans for your business, so you are equipped to deal with any outcome.

If you have supply chains spanning the EU, we will help you mitigate against the risks of tariff and non-tariff barriers which may have an initial impact on the efficiency and costs of conducting business. We are committed to reducing any disruption, however slight, and ensuring it is business as usual in the immediate aftermath of Brexit.

Meanwhile, the current opportunities in the manufacturing industry should not be underestimated. The rise in Artificial Intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things and augmented reality are bringing numerous prospects for manufacturers. The increased investment opportunities in Industry 4.0 technologies are also building confidence for the sector and allows manufacturers to shape and control the future of the industry.

Our specialist manufacturing team are well equipped to advise you across all practice areas to meet your specific needs. To discuss any issues in relation to your business, the potential risks and opportunities Brexit may present, and how to start building an effective continuity plan, please contact our Brexit and Manufacturing expert Partner, Michael Peacock at

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