Brexit and Healthcare

At Keebles, we understand the importance the healthcare industry plays in the lives of individuals and society as a whole. We are therefore all the more committed to ensuring your business’ resilience throughout the transition period, and in a post-Brexit UK, whatever the outcome.

The healthcare sector is often one of the most talked about topics during economic and political change. The industry’s importance to the public means it regularly forms the principal argument of many debates and campaigns.

Nevertheless, the prevalent issues arising out of the uncertainty of how Brexit will affect care homes, GP’s, dentists, opticians and all other healthcare professions need to be addressed.

We have specific healthcare experts who know the specific needs of the industry and your business in each of our practice areas. From regulatory changes, property matters, structuring and partnership agreements and dispute resolution, we are best placed to advise you on any issues as a result of the changes, if or when they arise.

In particular, we are aware of the employment issues which are already having a notable effect on the industry. Since the referendum, the UK has seen a significant decrease in EU applicants to care sector jobs due to the uncertainty around free movement of workers and future employment prospects in a post-Brexit UK. For an industry reliant on retaining these valuable professionals, our employment experts are equipped to advise care home owners, GP’s, dentists and other health professionals on immigration issues and the sponsorship requirements for qualified care staff from abroad.

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