Brexit and Employment

With employment law a key consideration of all businesses, it is vital to ensure you are up to date with how a Brexit deal or no deal could affect you. Whether you are concerned about how current legislation may change, or how your non-UK national workers could be affected by a Brexit outcome, we are here to guide you through the process.

Most employment law is derived from EU legislation, including discrimination rights, working time, agency workers, health and safety rights, TUPE Regulations, collective redundancy considerations, and family leave.

As a result, government will theoretically be able to make legislative changes post-Brexit to shape the law to the UK’s domestic needs. It is therefore imperative to factor employment law into your future business considerations.

Another important consideration arising from the negotiations is how Brexit will affect non-EEA migrant workers. At Keebles, our experienced employment team are well-informed to navigate the regulatory and documentation changes to ensure you remain compliant.

To ensure you are equipped to meet any additional obligations, and confirm your business’ current procedures are up to date and compliant, please contact our Employment Partner, Catherine Wilson at

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