Brexit and Tech

Our specialist tech team understands your business regardless of which branch of the tech industry you are in. Your success is dependent on you making sure your business and your ideas are properly structured and fully protected, and the impact of Brexit should not compromise on this.

Changes to the UK’s access to funding and project partnerships across the EU could have an impact on the current structure of businesses operating in the creative industries. However, our Tech experts are best placed with years of experience in the sector to advise you on how to adapt your business to cope with any changes.

Transfer of data, particularly within the EU, is crucial to the success of the UK’s digital market. With potentially impending legislative changes, it is important to check how your business may become affected and identify where your vulnerabilities lay. Our commercial team can provide you with practical advice on the latest data protection requirements and what you need to do. We can talk you through everything from data retention and data transfers, to handling of sensitive data (internally and externally) to mitigate any risks of non-compliance.

We also understand retention and recruitment of the valued professionals within the industry is imperative to innovation and business success. Whilst most employment law is derived from EU legislation, our employment experts are on hand to advise exactly how to implement any changes and the necessary steps to factor this into your future business considerations. Our team are also equipped to advise on any immigration issues which may be relevant to you non-EEA migrant workers and are well-informed to navigate the regulatory and documentation changes to ensure you remain compliant.

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