With the new government expressing its determination to exit the EU on 31 October, “deal or no deal”; our deep-rooted knowledge of key sectors ensures we are in the best position to identify the risks and opportunities of all eventualities of Brexit.

We can assist you to decipher the meaning of the Brexit developments and how the possible no deal could affect you or your business.

Our specialist Brexit Sector Group are staying on top of the latest developments, so we can relay the relevant legal impacts back to you. We are on hand to provide you with our insight and to ensure your business remains resilient and adaptive, whilst taking advantage of any new opportunities to emerge.

If you want to discuss how Brexit affects you and how to respond to any developments, please contact Giles Searby at

For more information about keys issues affecting the Brexit sector and ways we can assist you, see our useful links below:

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Brexit Bitesize

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