Administrations and CVA

We can provide advice in relation to a whole raft of legal issues that may arise whilst a company is in administration or in a company voluntary arrangement.

We can assist you in your appointment as administrators, either by way of out of court appointment or, if required, an application to Court. We can also provide expert assistance and advice with any issues arising prior to appointment or after appointment, particularly with any subsequent sale.

We can prepare CVA proposals and attend creditors meetings to assist with any queries raised by creditors prior to the CVA being approved. We can also provide advice on the voting rights of creditors and the admission/rejection of claims.

In your role as Supervisor of the Company Voluntary Arrangement, we also give advice on the impact of approval of the CVA on any enforcement action that is taken, or proposed to be taken, by creditors, such as landlords after the CVA has been approved.


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