Annulment of Bankruptcy

If a Bankruptcy Order has been made against you, then it may be possible to apply to the Court to annul that Order. The legal effect of the annulment is that it is as if that the bankruptcy order was never made.

We provide timely, concise and easy to understand advice to individuals who have been made bankrupt and want to consider making a court application for the bankruptcy order to be annulled.

There are several ways in which a Bankruptcy Order can be annulled: –
• Either that the Order ought not to have been made
• That funds are available to you which would enable you to pay the bankruptcy debts and the costs of the bankruptcy in full
• The possibility of entering into a Voluntary Arrangement

We can provide you with advice on the likely merit of the bankruptcy order being annulled by the court. If the prospects are good, we can assist you with making an application to court.


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