Contracts of employment, handbooks and policies

Contracts of employment must satisfy the requirements of the Employment Rights Act 1996. Written “particulars” of the main terms should be issued to an employee who will be employed for more than a month, within two months of starting their employment.

We can provide contracts of employment for all kinds of employees, workers (including zero hour workers) and consultants.

We can also assist with drafting policies including disciplinary and grievance, sickness absence, harassment and bullying, social media, anti-corruption and bribery to name but a few.

We will help you to ensure that these documents not only comply with the law and best practice but also provide useful practical guidance, both to employees and management.

Keebles Handbook

We offer an Employment Handbook service which contains a model staff handbook and “particulars” of employment with optional clauses which can be adapted to suit your business. The service comes with comprehensive information and guidance (including template documents) on employment law and practice which will greatly reduce the need for businesses to take specific legal advice. The handbook is updated as and when legislation and industrial best practices change.

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