Employment Law affects all businesses and organisations great and small, it exists to regulate the relationship between employers and their employees.

Governing what employers can expect from employees and how employees should be treated at work.

Working across the private and not for profit sectors, our team of employment specialists assist organisations by providing practical and speedy employment law advice.

We protect our clients against financial and reputational risk by ensuring that our clients are compliant with relevant legislation and case law in one of the fastest-changing areas of law.


But we go beyond mere compliance.

With our flexible charging structure, our core belief is that prevention is better than cure so we focus on proactive early intervention through the development of usable and up to date policies and processes with our clients coupled with regular training sessions.

As well as this responsive and highly personalised service, we also offer our clients 24/7 access to our online Employment Law and HR resource Portal – KIHRA.

KIHRA provides free up to date information on Employment Law and HR resources.

It also includes a subscription option which provides employment handbooks, employment contracts and over 80 related guidance notes and template documents dealing with all aspects of the employment relationship in the workplace.

And finally, some times litigation is inevitable.

Not only do we prepare and negotiate our cases but our team of employment advocates are able to prepare and represent you in the Employment Tribunal enabling us to provide a full in house service.

To access the KIHRA portal click here

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