Debt Recovery Services

While we understand that your main concern is the recovery of your debt, we also understand that you must minimise your exposure to costs.  We will never incur costs unnecessarily or incur costs which are likely to be irrecoverable, without your informed authority.

‘No Recovery No Fee’

We do not charge for issuing a Letter Before Action. We will only charge you commission, at an agreed rate, on any sums recovered. If we are unable to recover your debt at this stage it will cost you nothing.

‘No Hidden Costs’

For cases where it is necessary to issue legal proceedings, our service is provided on a fixed fee basis with no hidden costs and, where possible, we will make additional claims on your behalf for interest and compensation under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts legislation to further minimise the recovery cost to you.

‘Success is the Key’

Over the past 5 years we have successfully recovered over 80% of our clients’ debts in full or by way of an agreed settlement.


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