Tenants – Help with Leases and Disputes

If you rent and/or occupy your property as a tenant we can help you with:

  • A new lease – whether you are expanding, opening in a new location or starting from scratch, we will help you from negotiating initial terms through to completion
  • Renewing a lease – if your lease has expired or is just about to, we will clarify your legal position and take you through to completion of the new lease to avoid business disruption
  • Alterations to your premises – we can advise you on what physical alterations are permitted and what you need to do to make them without breaching the terms of your lease
  • Assignment of leases and subletting – you may want to assign your lease or sublet to another occupier. We will help you deal with your landlord during the process
  • Disputes with your landlord including rent reviews, alleged breach of your maintenance obligations or other covenants in your lease and the renewal of your lease.
  • Terminating a lease – if you want to terminate a current lease we can advise you on your statutory and contractual positions and examine any other issues that relate to the termination of your lease, e.g. dilapidations
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