Businesses in the digital and tech sector can deliver their products in a myriad of different ways. Our expert team works hard to gain an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ product and service range, to ensure that those products and services can be rolled out as smoothly and efficiently as possible while protecting our clients’ interests in them.

We can advise you on all aspects of technology issues, from IT contracts and outsourcing, to innovative technology and data products and services. Our team works with clients of all sizes, from major national and international corporations to start-ups.

For purchasers of tech services, having the correct hardware and software in place is fundamental to the operation of the business. Having the correct legal documentation in place to underpin the use of that hardware and software, can provide you with the assurance you need that you can hold your supplier to account in the event of performance issues.

A key issue for both providers and purchasers of tech services will be making sure that any intellectual property created or used in the course of a business relationship is properly accounted for. For providers, safeguarding their IP is crucial to the development of the business; it is often where the value in the business lies. For buyers, being able to exploit what you have purchased, or are licensing, in line with your expectations is a vital part of the contract.

We can advise and assist with the following:

  • Agreements for the creation and exploitation of software of all types, covering:
    • Software design and development
    • Software licensing and SaaS / PaaS agreements
    • Website development, hosting, terms of use and policies
    • Mobile app development
    • End-User Licence Agreements (EULAs)
    • White-label software arrangements
    • Software maintenance and IT support services
    • Systems integration
  • E-commerce, including consumer law compliance
  • Agreements relating to the purchase and maintenance of hardware
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • IP protection and exploitation (including in relation to the registration and renewal of trademarks and registered designs)
  • Data protection and compliance
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