Your charity exists for one reason, to provide the maximum benefit for your beneficiaries.

If you are to achieve that aim you need to make sure you are fully compliant and that every aspect of your charity and every one of your assets is managed as efficiently as possible.

Our experienced charities team has all of the specialist legal expertise your charity will need, wherever your charity may be in its life-cycle or whatever your future objectives may be.

Our corporate solicitors can help you set up a new charity with the right structure and ensure you comply with increasingly complex regulations governing charities. We can also help you with your constitution, bye-laws and policies and ensure your Trustees or Directors understand their duties.

Our commercial solicitors will make sure your ‘trading’ arm is set up properly and underpinned by the contracts that will safeguard your best interests.

Our private client solicitors will help you with any aspect of gifts and legacies and with the creation and management of charitable trusts.

Our property solicitors will help you with any property your charity may lease – either as the landlord or as a tenant – and with buying or selling any investment property your charity may own.

Our employment solicitors will help you with any aspect relating to your staff – whether they are full time, part-time or volunteers – from reviewing employment policies and contracts through to disputes, grievances, redundancies or making sure the transfer of staff arising from a merger is as easy as possible.

Whatever your charity plans to do next, Keebles specialist charities team will provide the clear, focused advice that will give you the easiest route to your desired outcome.

Foundation:  A fixed-price retainer designed specifically for charities

The key to running a successful charity, social enterprise or community group is to have a solid foundation. That foundation is there to support your charity’s funding, management and staffing but, from time to time, it will benefit from a little external input as your charity continues to develop.

This is why Keeble’s dedicated charity team has created Foundation, a fixed price retainer that provides instant access to solicitors in every practice area, all of whom have a wealth of specialist charity experience.

More on how the Foundation works.

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